Most people who go on safari go as a couple or in a group of friends, but travelling solo can also be a really rewarding experience, avoiding the compromises that group safari travel sometimes requires. I’ve enjoyed arranging solo safaris for several people from different walks of life, with different reasons for wanting to travel solo.

Travellers, especially solo female travellers, are sometimes understandably concerned about safety but choosing the right destinations and the right ground operators should help to alleviate these concerns. Between meet-and-greets at the airport and on-the-ground assistance from trusted individuals with background checks, you should feel safe and well looked after from the time you land in country, to the time you’re dropped back to the airport.

Most safari camps cater for solo travellers – I recognise that every solo traveller is different – some are open to socialising with likeminded people (many friendships have been forged this way!) and sharing in their safari activities be it game drives, bush walks, sundowners or just drinks and chats around the campfire. On the other hand, some want some time alone to take a break from their usually busy lives and recharge their social battery. You should make your expectations clear – do you want to do things on your own or with others? Maybe you want to focus on something in particular – long walks, a particular bird or animal? I’m always happy to discuss exactly what you’re looking for and share some ideas accordingly.

Published camp or lodge rates are usually based on two or more sharing one room or tent but most will have a rate for single occupancy. This single person supplement can be expensive, but some camps do special offers for singles from time to time. In some cases, there may be a limited number of tents or rooms offered on this basis so booking early helps. On the other hand, if a camp has availability which they have not booked it’s sometimes possible to get some last minute deals.

Solo travel is an amazing experience, and a solo safari is no exception!